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Do You Dig GiggleSugar?

Well then DIGG us!

What is digg exactly? If you've noticed, almost all of our posts have a "digg" button. digg is a website that lets you submit a story you've found online that you like, and if enough people vote on the story--or"digg" it--it gets promoted to digg's front page and more and more people will read it or watch it. How to digg?

  • Well, first you have to sign up.
  • If a GiggleSugar post has already been "dugg," just click on "digg" and you've added a vote.
  • If the digg button says "0," that means no one has submitted it. Click on it and it will take you to the "Submit A New Story" page seen below in the gallery.
  • Copy and paste the post's URL, and click "Continue."
  • Give it a descriptive title (or just copy the post's title) and give it an interesting description (or just copy the GiggleSugar writeup).
  • Choose a category. For example, under "Video" choose "Comedy."
  • Then type in a code they give you, hit submit, and if it hasn't been "dugg" yet, hit submit again!

Now, if you go to the original post, it will show that it has registered your digg, and everyone else will be able to click and vote on it! Help a Giggle out and digg GiggleSugar stories you like! Then everyone can get in on the fun...:PEPINO: :PEPINO: :PEPINO: :PEPINO: :PEPINO:




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