Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth

Look Back at All of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Look Back at All of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

On Feb. 6, Queen Elizabeth II marked 60 years on the throne. To commemorate the queen's anniversary — called the Diamond Jubilee — the royal family has been busy taking part in the official Diamond Jubilee Central Weekend celebrations, which just wrapped up in London with a church service, carriage ride, and Buckingham Palace appearance. On Saturday, the royals attended the Epsom Derby, the UK's most famous horse race. Then on Sunday, everyone took to the seas with the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, a river parade that included more than 1,000 boats and ships. Last night, pop royalty gathered for a BBC concert and impressive firework show, where Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton rocked out from the audience.

While the Central Weekend is the pinnacle of the Diamond Jubilee, the royal family has been honoring the queen's 60-year reign all year with celebrations throughout the UK and beyond. Last week, Queen Elizabeth was joined by Kate Middleton, as well as Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, for a royal tea party at Buckingham Palace. And other events have included inspecting Gloriana, the new rowing barge built for the Diamond Jubilee. She also headed to Manchester, England, where she even found time to crash a wedding! The couple had invited her royal highness, knowing she would be in town. A lady in waiting sent a letter declining their invite, but plans were in fact made for the queen to surprise them.

Queen Elizabeth really seems to be enjoying herself. You might not know it, but the queen has a laid-back side to her. She reportedly isn't afraid to put on lipstick in public, text message her grandkids, and has a big heart for her racehorses and Corgis. We've rounded up pictures from all the festivities from this past weekend and before! Check them out now.

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