A Closer Look at the Chaos and Terror in Gaza

The three-day death toll in Gaza rose to 315 today, including seven children under the age of 15 who were killed in two separate strikes Sunday and Monday. Israel began air strikes on Saturday in retaliation after rocket fire was aimed at civilians in southern Israeli towns. Here's a look at some of the news the mainstream media has received regarding the dispute and chaos.

  • Israel has launched more than 300 air strikes since midday Saturday. The bombings have "wreaked unprecedented destruction in Gaza, reducing buildings to rubble" and targeted symbols of Hamas rule. — Wall Street Journal
  • Thousands in the Arab world have attended rallies to express anger at Israel's air raids. Protesters burned Israeli and American flags in a string of Arab cities and demanded a stronger response from their leaders. — BBC News
  • Oil rose above $40 a barrel on Monday, in response to a weak dollar and Israeli attacks on Hamas that served as a reminder of tensions that could threaten Middle East crude oil supplies. — Reuters
  • Food and medical supplies are growing thin on the strip. One reporter noted "there is no food on the market" while humanitarian aid groups are reacting to the deteriorating medical situation and urging the opening of Gaza's borders to allow supplies to flow to hospitals. — Washington Post
  • What now for Obama's Mideast plan? Some experts say the Israel-Hamas violence could be a blow on peace-talk hopes. — Chicago Tribune