China's Sex Theme Park — Vulgar or Valuable?

China's Sex Theme Park — Vulgar or Valuable?

China's Love Land had big dreams. The sex theme park was going to offer sex technique workshops, safe-sex seminars, a museum on the history of sex, and some giant genitalia for good measure.

The owners hoped to further the spread of good sex, while stopping the spread of sexually transmitted disease. Unfortunately, the topic of sex is extremely taboo in China, so the larger-than-life naked bodies were far too much for Chinese officials to handle. Today, officials ordered the "vulgar, ill-minded and misleading" park to be demolished, before it even had a chance to open.

While Love Land would have been China's first sex theme park, exhibits exploring the cultural significance of human sexuality are not new. For example, New York's Museum of Sex offers exhibitions, lecture series, and other events on all things sex.