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Chelsea Handler Dishes With TrèsSugar

"TrèsSugar: Describe your ideal man.
Chelsea Handler: Someone who gets the joke.
TrèsSugar: Do you think you’ll ever find him?
Chelsea Handler: Probably not."

Comedian, writer, talk show host — triple threat Chelsea Handler does it all. The host of Chelsea Lately on E! Entertainment agreed to answer our burning questions on everything from whether or not she’s a feminist to what her weirdest wedding moment was. To check out the exclusive TrèsSugar interview, read more

TrèsSugar: Hi, Chelsea! I busted a gut reading My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands and I think Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea might be one of the most brilliant titles for a book ever. I love how you seem like the rare woman — gorgeous, and not trading on that but rather on your wit and subverting “proper” female behavior. Thanks for answering our questions!
Chelsea Handler: Well, thank you very much.

TS (I realize I kinda ambushed her here!): Are you a feminist?
CH: I feel like focusing on the idea of feminism is saying that we haven't achieved it yet. I believe in behaving at a level and having people meet you at a level that says: I'm a very highly functioning woman.

TS: Christopher Hitchens infamously said that only women who are fat, unattractive, Jewish or lesbian can be funny. How would you respond to him if you could?
CH: Well, I am half-Jewish, so he must have been right.

TS: Do you think humor for women is a defense mechanism, a survival skill? In your case, why did you think you became so funny?
CH: I think people are born the way they are born, and circumstances either add or take away from who you are deep down. I love to laugh, and in turn, love when I can make other people laugh.

TS: What in your past laid the groundwork for the way you see the world?
CH: Probably my father's 10 used cars that were in our driveway my entire life. I would say it was the opposite of rose-colored glasses.

TS: Who are your comic influences and heroes?
CH: I never intended on being a comedian, so it would be dishonest to say that I was
really influenced by anyone other than the idea of expressing my opinions. My brothers, sisters, and parents were definitely the biggest influences in my life.

TS: What’s a typical Chelsea Friday night?
CH: Dinner with friends usually at my house and a plethora of cocktails before, during, and after.

TS: Describe your ideal man. Do you think you’ll ever find him?
CH: Someone who gets the joke. Probably not.

TS: What was the weirdest wedding you ever went to?
CH: The one where the bride was smoking a cigarette in her wedding gown. That was pretty magnificent.

TS: What’s your biggest deal breaker in relationships?
CH:I usually don't break up with guys, I wait for them to break up with me.

TS: What’s your biggest piece of advice to today’s woman?

CH: Be ambitious for not only yourself, but also for the people around you, be generous, and be forthright. Karma is real, and it will reward you if you are doing the same for others.

TrèsSugar: Thanks, Chelsea!



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