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Day 3 on the Scene at the DNC: Obama Accepts With Help From Famous Friends

Day 3 on the Scene at the DNC: Obama Accepts With Help From Famous Friends

President Obama greeted thousands of cheering supporters in the Time Warner Cable Arena on Thursday to accept his party's nomination for reelection. The delegates sat on the edges of their seats to listen to President Obama lay out his argument for a second term. But perhaps more important than the party faithful watching inside were the undecided or unenthusiastic voters at home. Obama told them on election day "you will face the clearest choice in a generation." It's a choice, he said, between middle-class values or a party that only wants to offer the same bad economic prescriptions they've promoted before. "We're not going back," Obama said, "we are moving forward, America."

The DNC competed for young people's attention with MTV tonight, but the convention gave the VMAs a run for its money when it came to celebrity guests. Actresses Kerry Washington, Scarlett Johansson, and Eva Longoria, a national cochair for the campaign, all addressed the arena. Unlike during Clint Eastwood's cameo at the RNC, there wasn't an empty chair in sight when the president's famous supporters took their turns on stage. Instead, Kerry, Scarlett, and Eva each drew on her own personal experience to explain the stark differences between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's visions for America's future. And without providing fodder for a new Internet meme, the actresses compelled Americans, especially women, to make their voices heard by voting in November.

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