Cathy Retires and so Might Single Women Stereotypes

Aack! Cathy Retires and so Can Single Women Stereotypes

Before Beyonce gave them a theme song, before Sex and the City explained their love for shoes, before Liz Lemon demonstrated their chocolate obsession, and before Bridget Jones performed their clumsy dating mishaps, Cathy the cartoon represented stereotypical single women in newspapers every week battling food, love, mom, and work.

Just like any generalized version of something, the Cathy comic strip could make you laugh when you related, but also cringe at the one-dimensional version of an unmarried woman always on a diet (OK, she did get married a few years ago). As her message seems more and more outdated, Cathy will end her 34-year run on Oct. 3. Check out some of her more classic moments.