Brush Up on Birth Control

I am so grateful for all the different kinds of birth control on the market. Since women have a variety of needs, we're lucky to have such an array of methods to choose from to fit all of our lifestyles. So let's see what you know about some popular forms of contraception.

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Which type of birth control is not estrogen-free?
Depo shot
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Implanon protects against pregnancy for how many years?
One month
Three years
Ten years
Twelve years
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When using a NuvaRing, sometimes it can slip out. If that happens, how many hours can it be left out of your body and still offer protection against pregnancy?
Three hours
Twelve hours
One day
Two days
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Which type of condom is made of latex?
Durex Avanti
Trojan Supra
Trojan Natural Lamb
Lifestyles Warming Pleasure
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Which intrauterine contraceptive (IUC) is made of copper?
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When using a diaphragm, what do you have to do after intercourse in order to prevent pregnancy?
Immediately remove it.
Keep it inside you for at least six hours.
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