Breakup Advice

All Your Questions About Breakups Answered

All Your Questions About Breakups Answered

Online dating site recently shared breakup stats from its 2012 singles study, and there were some interesting tidbits on how we all deal with the end of a relationship.

Despite Taylor Swift's "never ever" anthem, many young people actually will get back together — the study found that singles in their 20s were more likely to get back together with an ex, and 9.3 percent reported to have reconciled more than five times with the same ex. As far as moving on goes, singles in their 30s were most likely to distract themselves with work after a split. Both men and women found solace after a breakup by talking to their friends and family, with 41 percent naming that as their postsplit recovery process. This is where we come in . . .

If you're dealing with a breakup-related predicament, chances are another woman has been there before. Readers looking for advice turn to our anonymous Group Therapy forum to pose their questions for other women to answer. If you'd like tips on how to make girlfriends after the end of a long-term relationship, need to figure out if you should leave your boyfriend if he's not ready for marriage, want to know how to get rid of his ex, or can't find the right time to dump your man, peruse some of our best reader dilemmas and advice on the topic of breakups.