Boyfriend Hanging Out With Best Friend's Girlfriend

Group Therapy: Boyfriend Spends Alone Time With Best Friend's Girlfriend

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Recently my boyfriend has started hanging out with his best friend's girlfriend. Sometimes they go out to eat together, sometimes they hang out at her house. We've always went to places as couples, so this is making me feel confused and jealous. Since we do everything all together all the time, this would be like if I randomly started hanging out with his best friend alone. That is just something I wouldn't do . . . why not hang out as a foursome like we always do?

I know a guy is allowed to have female friends, so I'm trying to find a way to be okay with this. I think my jealous feelings are stemming from the fact that my boyfriend stole me away from my last boyfriend. We would always hang out together (alone) while I was dating my ex bf, and one day he came onto me saying he had always had feelings for me, and here we are now. I guess I look at this like, well once I was that "just a friend's girlfriend" girl, and he had feelings for me the entire time. Is he trying to steal someone else's girl again?

I feel bad for thinking that, but I'm just not used to having them spend time together alone. Other details: we've all known each other since elementary, the other couple has been dating for 3 years and have a place together, my boyfriend tells me when he hangs out with her so it's not like he's being secretive . . . I'm still worried though.

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