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Embrace Your Foxy Side With This Fresh Take on Boudoir

Embrace Your Foxy Side With This Fresh Take on Boudoir

How often do our partners — the good ones, anyway — attempt to convince us they find our bodies, flaws and all, sexy as hell? But sadly, most women struggle with insecurities about their bodies, which affects their confidence in life and their relationships. We want the lights off during sex, cover certain body parts we're ashamed of, or don't even want to get intimate at all.

This was what inspired photographer Rachel Castillero, who, with several of her talented girlfriends, came up with a twist on the classic boudoir photos: Fox Sessions. She writes, "It's no secret that I love my girlfriends, they are my sisters, and some of my greatest joys in the life. And it breaks my heart how much we all struggle with insecurity and the desire to be beautiful, successful, smart, the perfect mothers, perfect wives, perfect everything. And since the women in my life have become some of my biggest sources of inspiration, I decided that it's about damn time they are celebrated."

Rachel shared more about the concept behind her project, along with some stunning photos of the Fox Sessions team demonstrating the photo shoots. Let's learn to love ourselves and maybe even get in touch with our sexy sides in the process. Keep reading for the interview.