Book Recommendations For Mindy Kaling Characters

Book Recommendations For Our Favorite Mindy Kaling Personas

Book Recommendations For Our Favorite Mindy Kaling Personas

There's no doubt that Mindy Kaling plays some of the most interesting and hilarious characters in movies and TV shows. If you love all her onscreen characters, then check out these book recommendations by Kelly Gallucci from Bookish.

Remember that time Paris Hilton hosted a reality show to find her new BFF? The premise is ridiculous, absurd, and honestly embarrassing . . . and if comedienne/goddess Mindy Kaling ever considered such a show, I'd be first in line. Not only is she inspiring a generation of would-be writers with her successful sitcom The Mindy Project, she's also known for choosing characters who own who they are, speak their mind, and work hard at their dreams.

While Kelly Kapoor (The Office) is quick to fall in love, she isn't afraid of it. She giggles over celebrity babies, but is never ashamed of her passions. Both Shira (No Strings Attached) and Mindy Lahiri (The Mindy Project) are successfully working in the medical field, but also enjoy nights out with their friends and having casual sex, on their terms. In a world where women are so often repressed, Kaling's personas are adventurous, honest, and sharp. Both on and off screen, Kaling is giving girls a healthy variety of role models (though I must note, I'm condoning the owning yourself, not swallowing tapeworms or drunk riding a bike). In celebration of all things Mindy, here are book recs based on my favorite Kaling personas.

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