Berenice Bejo and Michel Hazanavicius

Oscar Date 411: Bérénice Bejo

Oscar Date 411: Bérénice Bejo

The Artist's Bérénice Bejo, 35, lost the best supporting actress Oscar to Octavia Spencer tonight, but one person in her household still took home the golden trophy. Her Oscar date and husband, Michel Hazanavicius, 44, won the Best Director and the Best Picture Oscar for The Artist, which he also wrote. Michel has prior experience mixing work with pleasure. He met Bérénice directing her in the satirical French spy movies that he wrote, OSS 117, which also starred Jean Dujardin.

Of Bérénice's high-spirited character Peppy Miller in The Artist, Michel has explained, "The character is what I see in Bérénice in real life. There's something about her being really positive, the way she looks at people, there's no bad feelings." And while accepting the Oscar for Best Picture, Michel said to Bérénice, "You inspired the movie. You're the soul of the movie." As for Bérénice, her husband's ability to write a strong female character impressed her. She has said, "I felt very lucky. It's hard to find good characters, for a woman. I said to Michel, 'You really know how to write for women!'"

Check out pictures of the très adorable and talented French couple on the carpet tonight!

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