Being Single in Your 20s

20 Realities of Being Single in Your 20s

20 Realities of Being Single in Your 20s

I've spent most of my 20s as a card-carrying member of the Singles Club — an exclusive group for those of us who can't seem to settle down. Sure, there have been a few times where I had to put my membership on hold. But a few months later, I come crawling back. My friends from home, the monogamous types who have been with their mates since high school, look at my life with such a sense of wonder. To them, my stories of first dates and wild nights on the town are as entertaining as an episode of Game of Thrones, but with way less bloodshed.

Sure, there are some benefits to being single. I feel no shame flirting with a waiter to get a discount on my drinks, and I can watch all the chick flicks I want without judgment. But there are also the downsides, like not having someone to share fun adventures with and spending rainy nights curled up on the couch alone. Here, the highs and lows of being free, sexy, single, and a 20-something.

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