Bed and Blackmail: Swiss Gigolo Swindled Wealthy Lovers

The richest woman in Germany gets seduced by a Swiss gigolo while away at a luxurious spa. As she carries on the affair, hiding it from her husband and children, the gigolo schemes with his Italian accomplice, who secretly films the lovers from a hotel room next door. The gigolo begs the unfaithful woman to give him $10 million to pay off a fictitious Mafia boss. Once she does, he demands more, or else he will reveal the evidence of her infidelity to the world. No, this tale is not taken from a trashy romance novel, but from a German courtroom.

Yesterday, Helg Scarbi, who's known as the "Swiss Gigolo" was sentenced to six years in jail, after blackmailing Germany's wealthiest woman, Susanne Klatten, and a list of other uber-rich lovers.

Klatten is the reclusive heir to the BMW fortune. She decided to come forward to authorities about the blackmail, and risk embarrassment. Because the seductive swindler confessed, he received six years, instead of 10. Does that sounds like a fair sentence to you?