The Bachelor Fantasy Suite

Sex on The Bachelor: The Fantasy Suite Date

Sex on The Bachelor: The Fantasy Suite Date

It was down to three ladies on last night's episode of The Bachelor — AshLee, Lindsay, and Catherine — and fans of the show know what that means . . . the fantasy dates! After the chaste meet-the-parents episode last week, Sean and his final three upped the sex factor in Thailand. Well, sort of. Despite spending most of the show shirtless, Sean has been very vocal about his "born-again virginity" status since losing his V card in college, and most of the girls on his season have waved their conservative flags as well.

Since the reality TV dating show's inception 11 years ago (yep, we're on season 17), the overnight-date episode never disappoints with its awkwardness on both The Bachelor and its spinoff The Bachelorette. Everyone knows the drill, and yet the bachelor/ette still has to read aloud the fantasy suite date card asking if the contestant wants to forgo their individual room to spend the night with him or her. Now, they never outright say what the real purpose of the date is — to have sex — instead, they usually make a point to explain that they just want "more time to get to know each other" privately. So who's to say what really happens . . .

We have looked into the history of the sexiest episode of The Bachelor franchise to get behind the curtain (or, rather, under the sheets) of the fantasy dates on the show. Find out who had the most embarrassing overnight, who turned them all down, and what went down in the fantasy suites last night now!

Source: ABC