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Ask a Bad Boy: Making It Through New Year's Eve

Ask a Bad Boy: Making It Through New Year's Eve

Steve Santagati, of and author of the best-selling book The Manual, answers your burning questions when it comes to dating, love, and how men think. He's a veteran at giving street-smart, straight-to-the-point advice, so ladies, tell me, what do you want to ask Steve about men? This is your chance to get answers, so don't hold back! Submit your questions here.

New Year's Eve! Ugh, Ryan Seacrest, the Jonas Brothers, precocious Miley, or some Lifetime special. Are those our choices? It's as if we share the New Year with a TV! Of course there is always the overpriced bar/restaurant party that promises "All your wildest dreams will come true." You know that scenario all too well; 11:48 p.m. clicks, and you scan the room like a shark looking for a helpless seal — a.k.a, someone to kiss when the clock strikes 12:01. You've jacked yourself up on more alcohol than is safe, so he doesn't have to be cute, just available. Let's not do that this year.

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It's not about the venue, it's about the pressure women put on themselves not to be alone. Funny though, because you're alone right now reading this and you don't feel like any less of a woman. You may have been alone on the 29th and you may be alone on the 2nd, but come hell or high water, you can't bear to be alone on the 31st! Do you see how ridiculous that is? I've got news for you; a lot of guys are on to this. Not only that, but I look at New Year's Eve as easy pickin's — drunk desperate girls. That simple. Hate me for it, but it's true. My job is to let you know how guys think, and that is how we think. If your New Year's resolution is to wake up with some louse, then go for it, but if not, keep it all relative.

My best New Year's Eve — one of — was spent on the side of a mountain in Vermont with two other people, a bottle of champagne, cheap sparklers, standing in the snow, and braving minus-20-degree weather. My point is, if you're even going to bother celebrating this eve, make it with someone you care about, and with someone who cares about you. You may not have bragging rights at the water cooler, but you'll have something much deeper; a bond with your close friends.

Whatever you do this year, don't get drunk and act stupid; get buzzed and act stupid! It's just another night. That is the reality. Don't you want to live in reality?

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