Ann Romney Facts

10 Things to Know About Ann Romney

10 Things to Know About Ann Romney

Today Ann Romney will take the podium at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, advocating for her husband, Mitt, and his plan for America. The potential first lady has been married to the presidential candidate for 43 years. To mark their romantic milestone back in March, Ann and the Romney campaign released a video called A Love Letter to Mitt. Ann recalls getting together with Mitt at her 16th birthday party, before he was soon off to France for his missionary work. Talking about the two years they spent apart, Ann says: "We have boxes and boxes of letters. They're very childish, but they're very sweet." The day Mitt returned, they got engaged. In the video Ann says both families thought they were too young to get married, but it seems to have worked out OK, considering they've lasted four decades and counting. Now that you know a little bit about Ann and Mitt's romance, here are some other things you should know about the woman who wants to be first lady.

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