Americans Barack Out at the Lincoln Memorial!

I just got back from the concert at the Lincoln Memorial, the first official inauguration event! Stars like Bruce, Bono, and Beyonce put on a good show for Barack, the rest of the smiling Obama family, and thousands of everyday Americans. I watched the event surrounded by DC locals, curious foreigners, little kids propped up on shoulders, and grown adults decked out in Obama gear. The crowd was incredibly diverse and I heard at least five different languages! In total, more than 500,000 attended "Obama-stock," which ran relatively smoothly from where I was standing!

To finish the show, the president-elect came onstage to speak to the cheering crowd. In a warm up to Tuesday's big speech, Obama said:

I want to thank all the speakers and performers for reminding us, through song and through words, just what it is that we love about America. And I want to thank all of you for braving the cold and the crowds and traveling in some cases thousands of miles to join us here today. Welcome to Washington, and welcome to this celebration of American renewal.

Are you feeling as excited about Barack Obama's inauguration as the thousands gathered at the Lincoln Memorial today?