Almost 200,000 Flee Violence in Pakistan

Following an offensive by Pakistani forces against militants, as many as 190,000 Pakistanis and Afghans have fled their homes, according to reports given to the UN High Commission Refugees. Most refugees, running from the clashes along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, are staying with host families in either country.

In the Bajaur region of Pakistan, government jets hit insurgent trenches, killing five, today. Another attack left 12 extremists dead, along with two progovernment tribesmen. Since the offensive began,1,000 rebel fighters and Taliban militants have been killed, according to Pakistan.

Today's strikes came the same day religious scholars and political parties announced that suicide bombs violate Islam and are illegitimate in Pakistan. Looks like the Pakistani government is going on the military and moral offensive to stop extremists. Hopefully the refugees make it home safely.