Booya! '90s-Themed Someecards

Apr 24 2014 - 9:42am

With jokes about boy bands, Saved by the Bell, and American Girl Dolls, these hilarious '90s-themed someecards [1] had us at "Gushers." If you're regularly rehashing the decade of the Spice Girls, Oregon Trail, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, send your friends one of these witty someecards!

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I think you are now old enough to know that Ross and Rachel were not on a break. [3]

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"What do you mean you brushed my American Girl Doll's hair with a real hairbrush?!" [5]

Source: Someecards [6]

I thought TLC and I made our thoughts on scrubs very clear. [7]

Source: Someecards [8]

She's all like, "Oooh, Justin Bieber is so hot!" And I'm all like, "Psht, he's no Jonathan Taylor Thomas." [9]

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I'm more excited than Jessie Spano on pills [11]

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The fact that your original AOL screen name helps me remember your birthday is a clear indicator of how old we are. Happy Birthday! [13]

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I'd probably still love you if you were a little more like Zack Morris. [15]

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My personal style is largely inspired by nostalgia for the show "Hey Arnold." [17]

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I'm still looking for Carmen Sandiego. [19]

Source: Someecards [20]

I secretly wish that Justin Timberlake's career fails miserably so he'll consent to an *NSYNC reunion tour. [21]

Source: Someecards [22]

AC Slater successfully pulling off the mullet is not a reason for you to grow one too [23]

Source: Someecards [24]

Sorry everyone at work heard Hanson playing in your iTunes. [25]

Source: Someecards [26]

I love you more than Danny Tanner loves Windex. [27]

Source: Someecards [28]

Sorry for dressing you up as a girl and making you play Pretty Pretty Princess with me because I really wanted a little sister. [29]

Source: Someecards [30]

I'm glad you signed into AIM so that I can now break up with you without fear of any actual confrontation. [31]

Source: Someecards [32]

I would never have let you get cholera or dysentery on The Oregon Trail. [33]

Source: Someecards [34]

I'll trade you my baby carrot sticks for your pack of gushers. [35]

Source: Someecards [36]

Mark Paul Gosselaar invented cool. [37]

Source: Someecards [38]

It's sad I can spell 'Topanga' correctly every time, but still can't spell the word 'received' for shit. [39]

Source: Someecards [40]

My life is like Friends, except no Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, or Joey; just Chander in a room by himself laughing at his own jokes. [41]

Source: Someecards [42]

Don't be jealous of the jellies! [43]

Source: Someecards [44]

You had me at "I love Britney Spears." [45]

Source: Someecards [46]

AOL Instant Messenger: The Original Stalker Tool [47]

Source: Someecards [48]

Bill Nye the Science Guy taught me everything I needed to know about life. [49]

Source: Someecards [50]

Happy 30th birthday to someone old enough to remember New Kids, Screech and Teddy Ruxpin, yet young enough to get carded at TGIFridays. [51]

Source: Someecards [52]

According to MASH, I was supposed to end up a successful architect, driving a purple Lamborghini, married to Brad Pitt, have one kid and a pet tiger, and living in a mansion. WTF?? [53]

Source: Someecards [54]

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