14 Things to Do When It's Chilly

14 Things to Do When It's Chilly

When other people are wishing it were still Summer, I'm savoring the Fall air. But even though I love Fall, I admit that this in-between season can be difficult for planning ahead since there's always a possibility of rain, wind, or chills. Fortunately, I've got a list of things to do if you wake up to a gray morning when you expect sun.

  1. Stay in bed!
  2. Rent a few movies or download a season of a TV show you've been meaning to watch.
  3. Clean out your closet.
  4. Invite your friends over to play a board game and drink hot buttered rums.
  5. Make a casserole, a roast, or one of your other favorite comfort foods.
  6. Reread your favorite young adult book.
  7. Do a yoga video in your living room.

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  1. Bundle up and head out for a walk.
  2. Go to a bookstore and spend as long as you want reading the back covers.
  3. Start a craft project that you can work on through the Winter.
  4. Light some candles and make yourself a real cup of hot chocolate.
  5. Try your hand at pumpkin carving. And bake the seeds for a treat!
  6. Give yourself an at-home spa day. (Let your significant other sub in as professional masseuse.)
  7. Get your significant other, pet, or closest friend and snuggle up under a blanket.

What's your favorite way to enjoy a cold Fall day?